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Featured HARCO Product
     HARCO produces push-on gasketed joint ductile fittings and gasketed joint injection-molded PVC fittings for utility and irrigation systems. Designed to withstand real-world conditions, HARCO fittings employ the field’s most substantial gaskets, and deep socket bells that keep pipes securely seated in the fitting…even with pipe expansion and contraction.

     HARCO’s product line encompass a complete range of sizes and pressure ratings, and conforms to all major industry standards.
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PVC C-900


PVC Drainage


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Ductile Iron

Irrigation - Ductile Iron Mechanical Joint Gasket

Mechanical Joint Gaskets

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HARCO Products
Harrington Corp (HARCO) - PVC PIP Fittings

PVC PIP Fittings

     HARCO offers a line of molded 100psi Plastic Irrigation Pipe (PIP) fittings from 6” thru 12”. Configurations available include size on size and reducing tees, 90’s, 45’s, caps and reducers. Our injection molded fittings offer a one piece design made from a virgin PVC compound reinforced for strength exactly where it is needed and avoiding the problem prone manufacturing techniques of fabricated fittings.
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