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Philmac 3G IPS-OD Fittings for ASTM D2445 and D3035 PE Pipe

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Blanking Plug

CTS Adapter Kit

Coupling w/ Stop

Reducer Coupling

Male Adapter

Female Adapter


Service Tee

End Cap

Repair Coupling w/o Stop

Copper Tube Adapter

Reducing Tee

90° Elbow

Service Elbow

Installation Wrench

PVC Collet

ACME Service Adapter

ACME Service Elbow

ACME Service Tee

Site Map golf2.jpg ips-od001010.jpg ips-od001008.jpg Philmac Replacement ACME Insert

Replacement ACME Insert

Philmac 45 Elbow

45° Elbow

Philmac OD Joint Kit

IPS-OD Joint Kit

IPS-ID Adapter Kit

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