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     HARCO offers a line of molded 80 and 100 psi PIP fittings from 6 thru 12. Configurations available include size on size and reducing tees, 90s, 45s, caps, reducers. HARCO also offers couplings, IPS Adapters, and Flange Adapters in 6 and 8 in addition to 15 caps. Other manufacturers offer fabricated fittings which are host to various problems; one being the use of glued components.

     Secondly, the process of fabricating fittings involves the use of heat and chemicals to soften the pipe stock so it can be bent, pulled and manipulated into a particular shape.

     Thirdly, fabricated tees use a separate insert to form the tee branch, requiring a glue joint. The branch on any fitting is the most vulnerable part thus being more prone to failure. Our injection molded fittings offer a one piece design made from a virgin PVC compound reinforced for strength exactly where it is needed and avoiding the problem prone manufacturing techniques of fabricated fittings.
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