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PVC Sewer Fittings

PVC Sewer SDR26 PVC Sewer Special Application
     Designed for truly long-term service, HARCO’s rugged sewer fittings have earned the respect and loyalty of contractors for more than three decades. The fittings’ thicker gaskets, deeper bells, and heavier, thicker walls ensure unsurpassed strength and reliability.

     HARCO's SDR-18 offers a 6” 45º bend and a 8” x 6” wye in this extra heavy material—both are one-piece molded PVC with deep bell push-on assembly and thick gaskets. Fit ASTM D-3034 PVC sewer pipe.

     SDR-26 heavy-wall gasketed fittings are available in a full range of configurations and sizes. All fittings meet or exceed applicable ASTM standards.

     Special application products available for deep bury sewer riser kits, two way directional cleanouts SDR 35, two way directional cleanouts SDR 26, and inside manhole cross.

     HARCO’s full line of PVC sewer fittings are engineered for durability. All fittings meet or exceed applicable ASTM standards.
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