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Drainage Grates and Covers

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HARCO grates and covers are designed specifically to fit HARCO surface drainage structures. These castings are manufactured from metal conforming to ASTM A536 grade 80-55-06 for ductile iron.

HARCO provides a wide selection of ductile iron castings including:

Light duty drop-in grates for non-traffic / turf applications designed primarily to fit 6" 30" corrugated plastic pipes

Light duty domed / beehive grates fits 6" 30" structures (6,8 and 10 domed grates are one -piece, 12-30 are grate and frame sets)

Round H10 load rated grate and frame assemblies for parking lots, pedestrian, and medium duty loads (.5 inch vane spacing conforms to ADA requirements) fits 8" 30" structures (8" and 10" are 1-piece grates that are light duty only)

Round H25 load rated grate and frame assemblies for traffic or heavy duty applications fits 12" 36" structures

Round H25 load rated solid cover and frame assemblies for maintenance access or heavy duty
applications fits 12 36 structures

Square hinged H10 and H25 load rated grates and frames and solid covers and frames fit 12" and 15" structures

H25 load rated 2'x2' square Traffic grate and frame assemblies, and 2 x 2 Curb Inlet grate, frame, and hood assemblies fits 12" 30" structures

H25 load rated 2'x3' rectangular Traffic grate and frame assemblies, and 2x3 Curb Inlet grate, frame, and hood assemblies fits 18" 36" structures
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PVC Drainage Curb High Flow Grate PVC Drainage Domed Grate PVC Drainage Drop In Grate PVC Drainage Round H-10 Grate PVC Drainage Round H-25 Grate PVC Drainage Round Solid Grate PVC Drainage Square H-10 Grate PVC Drainage Square H-25 Grate PVC Drainage Square Solid Grate PVC Drainage Traffic Curb Grate
Round H-25
Round H-10
Round Solid
Square Hinged H-25
Square Hinged H-10
Square Hinged Solid
Curb High Flow H-25
Traffic & Curb
Curb Diagonal
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