The HARCO Snout-equipped Drainage Structure is a custom drain basin with a plastic composite hood attached to the wall of the drain basin covering the outlet. This simple yet effective cover prevents floating debris, oils, and sediment from exiting the basin where it remains trapped and can easily be removed.

     The placement of the Snout cover over the basin outlet forces water to exit the basin outlet from the clear zone of water below the floating debris or oils, and creates environment conducive for many contaminants and debris to settle to the bottom of the basin as well.

     The HARCO Snout Drainage Structure represents a cost-effective method for the treating and removal of storm water pollutants.

     Snouts are factory-installed and available for 18", 24", 30" and 36" diameter HARCO drain basins.

PVC Snout Drainage Structure

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Technical Specifications
All Fittings Meet or Exceed:
Materials: ASTM D1784 cell class 12454
Joints: ASTM D3212
Gaskets: ASTM F477
Installation: ASTM D2321
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PVC Snout Drainage Structure
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