The HARCO Field Tap allows you the flexibility to add an inlet or outlet to your HARCO drain basin in-the-field when that unexpected additional line is identified, or if the exact location of that line was not able to be determined prior to basin installation.

     HARCO Field Taps are available in 4" through 18" diameters. For installation, a drain basin 2 sizes larger than the HARCO Field Tap outlet
is required.

     Kit Includes:
      An adhesive-backed cutting template
      Hole Gasket
      Bell x spigot adaptor (made to fit pipe)
All Fittings Meet or Exceed:
Materials: ASTM D1784 cell class 12454
Gaskets: ASTM F477
Installation: ASTM D2321

PVC Drainage Field Tap

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Product Details
Technical Specifications
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Installation Instructions
Equipment Needed:
      Standard drill / bits
      Pipe lubricant
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