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Drainage Overview

     HARCO surface drainage structures, including drain basins and inline drains, are manufactured from PVC pipe stock utilizing a thermo-molding process to ensure consistent watertight seal throughout the structure body and the outlet stubs. The raw material used to manufacture this PVC pipe stock shall
conform to ASTM D1784 cell class 12454. These heavy-duty PVC structures are abrasion resistant and virtually immune to most types of corrosion.

     Every drainage system is different. Whether small or large, your drainage system may require adapting to multiple pipe types and diameters, changes in direction and elevation.

     HARCO Drain Basins are custom built in a timely manner for each individual project, ensuring you can meet the design and timeline requirements for your project.
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     Inline Drains are used at the beginning of a drain line and when adding a new water inlet to an existing drain line using a riser pipe and tee.

     Drain Basins are used as a junction box when drainage system inlets / outlets change diameter, change pipe type, change elevation, change direction, and allows for multiple inlets or outlets in one structure and for a water inlet and sediment collection point entering a drainage system.

     The outlet stubs for HARCO surface drainage structures are manufactured from PVC pipe stock utilizing a thermo-molding process to ensure a tight pipe-to-structure fit that can meet or exceed the pressure requirements of the ASTM D3212 standard for connections joining drainage pipes utilizing flexible elastomeric seals conforming to ASTM F477.
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     HARCO Surface Drainage Structures are a perfect choice for:

      Commercial Developments
      Schools and Sports Complexes
      Roadways and Highways
      Parking lots
      Government Installations
      Parks and Recreation Areas
      Industrial Parks
      Golf Courses
      Residential Developments

     HARCO plastic surface drainage structures should be installed following the same ASTM D2321 installation guidelines accepted for backfill, compaction and installation of plastic drainage pipes.
     HARCO can provide connections to most corrugated and smooth-wall plastic pipe types/brands.
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