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     HARCO’s Ductile Iron Sewer fittings are specifically designed to eliminate the risks of fitting failure in deep burial installations. With ten times the strength of typical PVC fittings, these ductile iron fittings will stand up to the most demanding conditions and give installers added peace of mind that repairs will not be required.

     HARCO’s Ductile Iron Sewer fittings are for gravity sewer systems using various types of pipe, including:

     • Sewer: PVC Pipe to ASTM D3034
     • DIPS: PVC Pipe to AWWA C900 and DI Pipe to AWWA C900
     • IPS: PVC Pipe to ASTM D2665, D1785, D2241
Product Details

Ductile Iron Sewer Products

Ductile Iron Sewer Wye Ductile Iron Sewer 45 Bend GxS Ductile Iron Sewer 45 Bend GxG Ductile Iron Sewer Increaser Ductile Iron Sewer Adapter GxS Ductile Iron Sewer Tee Ductile Iron Sewer 90 Bend Ductile Iron Sewer Adapter GxG
45º Bends (GxG)
90º Bends
Adapters (GxG)
Adapters (GxS)
45º Bends (GxS)
Ductile Iron Sewer Tee Wye
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